The research group explores the PostHeimat network through interdisciplinary and practice-relevant scholarship.


From: Meriam Bousselmi (2020): “Der Titel ist frei übersetzbar” / La Beaute Entre / لقد وصل الجمال

Panel with Jonas Tinius, Christopher Balme, Özlem Canyurek, Julian Warner (from left to right)

What is PostHeimat?

The group critically reflects on and troubles possible modes, meanings, and implications of a PostHeimat becoming. 


We understand the network itself as a processual and long-term inquiry into new meanings of post-migrant, intersectional and multiperspectival approaches to societies and theatre.  


We accompany, document, and engage the relation between artistic work, cultural policy proposals, and knowledge production from diverse contexts in and beyond the network. 


Each encounter of the PostHeimat network produces situations that we consider as learning experiences about current dynamics and problems in and beyond the German theatre and, ultimately, society in transition.


We emphasise the complementarity of participation, contemplative analysis, and urgent action. 


Many of us are engaged in multiple ways of making theatre – also as translators, dramaturges, writers, directors, artists, actors, activists, and audiences. We propose research as a performative co-witnessing field in which institutionalised and non-institutionalised, academic and para-academic knowledge production, activism and artistic practice can merge. 


The research group is an open platform that invites collaboration.



Problematising PostHeimat

Critical reflections and propositions regarding PostHeimat, drafted by the research group during and after Encounter #04 at the Maxim Gorki Theater in March 2020.